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This wiki serves as the emergent curriculum menu for IDEAcademy, a "beta" thinkformation fluency curriculum currently piloted within a middle-school study skills elective [6th grade] titled "Academic Individual Motivation."


This adaptable curriculum uses the familiar and frequently utilized Big6 process (at least at the middle school level) as an organizational framework for the overall flow of the curriculum.  However, the underlying structure of the curriculum aims to highlight and pull out the skills "embedded within" the research process as a starting point, while incorporating brain-based teaching, student-driven inquiry, and other core skills and standards connected to teaching and learning in the 21st Century. 


This wiki is also intended to serve as a platform for further explorations, mutations, revisions, and ideas to be added by other colleagues in the field. 


If you try out a part of this curriculum with your own students, please offer feedback on how it went, what worked/what didn't, how you might tweak it & why.


If you have developed a mini-lesson, lesson, module, workshop, project, or other idea that expands upon, augments, revitalizes, or offers an alternative take on one of the skills, concepts, or processes addressed in this curriculum, you are invited to share and post it! 


Please feel free to email Teresa Diaz at tdiaz4@neisd.net if you would like editing access to this wiki.


BACKGROUND to IDEAcademy: Inspiration for Curriculum





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